Welcome to the HOME’s project knowledge base
Welcome to the HOME’s project knowledge base

We’re excited to introduce you to the HOME’s Competence Centre! The aim of the Centre is to allow you - as main stakeholders of the HOME (Home of Mobile Europeans) EU-funded project - to access learning resources tailored to your specific needs and circumstances in the context of student accommodation so you can take the most advantage from HOME. Moreover, this Competence Centre will help you to replicate the project’s innovative outputs within your field of work.

The purpose of this space is to make HOME's innovative results accessible and transparent by facilitating its dissemination and transferability. The information and resources included in this Competence Centre will empower you as housing providers, students, higher education institutions and student organisations to benefit from the work carried out in HOME.

To ensure full sustainability and upscale, the Competence Centre will be hosted on the HOME project partner European University Foundation’s Wiki accessible from the button below.

What resources can you expect to find per each stakeholder group? Let’s take a look!

Housing providers and intermediaries

Here you will find information about how accommodation providers and intermediaries can connect to HOME’s technical solution and showcase their housing offers in the Erasmus+ App, the European one-stop-shop of mobility by the European Commission. This section will also focus on what the HOME’s Student Accommodation Quality Labels mean for housing providers and market intermediaries and what standards underpin them.

Educational resources are made available to understand how to assess the properties’ quality and how to grant the properties one or more HOME Quality Labels. This will be easily comparable with practical examples of successfully and wrongly applied labels. Such a section also includes what the HOME technical infrastructure is and how to connect to it. In addition to this, here it will be possible to download a personalised “Train the trainer” Multiplier Toolkit for housing providers and market intermediaries to replicate the results of HOME.

International students and trainees

This section contains resources on how the HOME solution can support international students in their endeavour of finding suitable accommodation abroad in a more easy and efficient way.

This section in the Competence Centre will focus on what the labels mean to students and what they entail, and tips and tricks on how to safely secure one’s accommodation before one’s departure via the Erasmus+ App. At the same time, information will be provided on how to handle potential issues arising with the property.

Higher Education Institutions

This Competence Centre section Introduces the topic of student accommodation in the framework of international student mobility allowing institutions to understand how the HOME solution can support their international students in finding the best accommodation pre-mobility.

The focus will be on what the labels are and what they mean for a Higher Education Institution, with particular attention on how to display quality housing options within one’s Erasmus+ Dashboard.

Here you will also find a personalised “Train the trainer” Multiplier Toolkit that HEIs can use to replicate the results of HOME at the local level.

Student organizations

This section will provide information about the role of HOME in supporting international students with their accommodation abroad, and will allow student organisations to access an ad hoc “Train the trainer” multiplier toolkit enabling them to replicate HOME’s results locally, sustainably, and easily.

This section for these organisations will focus on their role to support incoming international students in finding accommodation and the relevance of HOME’s quality labels and the foreseen integration of HOME student accommodation search function in the App.

The European Commission support for the production of this project does not constitute an endorsement of the contents which reflects the views only of the authors, and the Commission cannot be held responsi­ble for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.